Getting your skin wedding ready

How many times have we heard the dreaded word “breakout” being uttered from a brides mouth?  Too many!   

It’s common to have a breakout right before the big day.  Almost like Murphy’s law.  However, with the right skin care regime you can keep those pesky spots away.  


-Start by getting a facial a few months before the wedding to help clear out any blockage and impurities.  

-Make sure to go easy on your skin, don’t start trying any new products especially with active ingredients, course exfoliates or fragrances.


-keep it simple.  Three basic products are all you need: A cleanser at night to remove make-up and debris, a toner suitable for sensitive skin (alcohol free) and a moisturizer.

-Drink those 8 glasses of water a day.

-Wear and reapply sunscreen with SPF 15 everyday. 

-Try your best  to keep your fingers away from your face and keep your phone screen clean.

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