B.B. cream

Get up & Glow...into the night!

Wouldn't it be great to spend minimal time primping ourselves in the mirror every morning and still look our best? Whether it be a natural no make up look, a fresh faced day look or something a bit more dramatic. Imagine being able to accomplish any of these in a matter of minutes.....and even better yet, imagine taking that look from day to night in even less time when the occasion should arise. It can be done and We’ll tell you how!


The No Make-up Look: it's all about the skin. Not too dewy or matte, the texture is "candle light looking", Aka something in between.

Start with a primer, let it absorb before applying a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. For additional coverage, use a concealer that matches your skin tone (not a shade lighter) under the eyes and on any imperfections. Using your fingers helps warm up the product to blend better into the skin. Clean hands of course! Set your face with a dusting of loose powder (translucent or tinted if more coverage is desired). Curl lashes and apply black mascara, brown if you have blonde lashes. For an added healthy looking touch, apply blush on the apples of your checks (the fleshy part when you smile). Find a shade that looks similar to your natural lip colour. Finish off by applying some tinted lip balm, don't go any darker than one shade from your natural lip colour.


Add Eye Liner: Eyeliner is always in style and a beauty staple.  It’s also a quick and easy tool to take your make-up from day to night.


Use a black or brown waterproof pencil eyeliner and work it right into your lash line. Focus on the top lid for a more natural look. Try to apply the liner into where the lashes grow and maybe only a touch above. Keep it thin! If you make a mistake smudge it in with a cheap non fluffy cotton swab. Don't go right into the corners of your eyes. It most likely will bleed or gather there looking messy.


Bump it up with Eye Shadow: A super easy way to achieve a Smokey eye look (an all time fave).


Take your look from day to night (or wear this look for day if you like more drama) by adding either a bronze, grey or black shadow along the lash line (both top and bottom if you want intense smokey eyes). Blend the shadow into your liner, working it up a bit and fading out completely before you hit your crease. To be extra trendy, use a dark blue shadow in the same manner. Lastly, to make it uber current, let's put a touch of Vaseline, clear non menthol lip balm or even a clear gloss on the brow bone for a bit of highlight.  Pair smokey eyes with a nude lip by working a bit of your concealer into your tinted lip balm, a classic, glamorous look.


Red Lips: Another option for evening is a statement lip in all shades of red from berry to a dark vampy shade and everything in between.


This lip can be worn with just the eyeliner or you can go full glam by adding it to your smokey eyes.


For this brow lovers: A strong brow is back and looks like it’s here to stay.

You can emphasize your brows with any of these looks. Fill them in lightly with a powder, pencil or wax. Find a shade that matches your natural brow colour, brush brows downwards to see the exact shape and fill in. Brush back into place.


Equip yourself with a few of these beauty staple products and you’ll be looking fabulous for any occasion in no time at all!


Best wishes, 

💞The Glitz Galz✨ 


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Summer Beauty

Summer is on its way, Hooray!   

We can’t wait to ditch our heavy winter gear and dark colours for lighter, brighter things.  This is the same for our beauty regime. 


skin care products should be swapped each season for optimum skin health and make-up and hair styles can also be changed to reflect the hotter weather and all that comes along with it.   


First of all, SUNSCREEN!  Let us not forget to apply this daily.  At least an spf 15.  Sunscreen should actually be worn all year long but most importantly in the summer months when the weather is the hottest tempting us to bask in the outdoors longer.  Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before sun exposure (UV rays also exist in a lot of indoor artificial light as well).  Make-up can be applied over top of your sunscreen.  Here is our top pick this season: La Roche-Posay Anthelios 30.  It won’t cause breakouts and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, YAY!



Next, let’s switch up our make-up for something oil free and sheer.  Complexion products, Opt for a powder and or a B.B. cream, try Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and Maybelline Matte Maker powder. Heavy make-up just melts off, is suffocating to the skin and looks out of place in the bright hot summer heat.  


Fake a sun kissed glow with your favorite bronzing powder dusted over cheeks, top of the forehead and lightly across the bridge of the nose for a natural look.  We love our GLITZ GALZ Golden Goddess bronzing powder compact.


A bright lip paired with some mascara (waterproof if hitting a beach)  is an all time  favorite look this time of year.  Quick and easy with an impact.  Try these playful colours on: Make Up For Ever Bright Orange 40 or MAC Candy Yum Yum.


 Its the perfect time to try that high pony, messy top knot or pulled back hairstyle.   get your hair off your face and the back of your neck.  This helps to keep you cooler and is much more manageable for swimming and summer activities.  If you prefer your hair down, skip the hot tools, twist your wet hair in sections and let air dry for beach waves and throw on a summer hat. Add a loose braid to any style.  Try these quick and easy summer ready styles:


now get out there with your fabulous self and enjoy the sunshine ☀️ 


💞The Glitz Galz✨