Airbrush make-up?

Glitz b4 and after

It's safe to say that about 95% of our brides want airbrush make-up;  They just don't know it! Some brides book with us specifically for the airbrushing while others have no idea what that even means.  Once they experience the airbrush, there's no going back!  Far too often we debunk the belief that airbrush make-up is heavier and/or more dramatic.  It's not;  It's the exact opposite and it's perfect for brides and their wedding party.  Here's why:

It's applied with a light cooling relaxing spray giving a natural and flawless look

Great for face and body (will even out tan lines and get a seamless match from face to neck)

Dermatologist tested and recommended

Lightweight feeling on the skin

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Custom blend foundation

If these aren't enough reasons to be convinced; Try it!  We do airbrushing as a complimentary service included in all our bridal trails.  If ever you wished that you could walk around looking like there was a flattering filter on you all day long, this is the closest you'll get.