A time and place for Pinterest

We love to pin and we love gathering wedding day beauty goals.

Inspiration is great but always aim to look like you.

Inspiration is great but always aim to look like you.

The most exciting part of being engaged (aside from knowing that you are going to marry the man of your dreams and share a life together) is creating a Pinterest account full of all things you love for wedding day inspiration.  Our favorite categories are, of course, make-up and hair.  We love seeing all the fabulous pics of bridal looks in every style.  During wedding season we see repeats of popular pinned items for the year and are asked to recreate these looks many times.  Sometimes it works and other times it’s just not possible.  As helpful and amazing as it is to know the look you are going for, being set on replicating a picture can be a great set up for disappointment.  You are unique!  There is only one you!  The girl in the pics you love isn’t you or the woman your fiancé is excited to marry.  She doesn’t have your skin, eyes, nose, lips, coloring....or your hair: body, length, texture colour.  Often pictures are enhanced and touched up and for hair, massive amounts of hair pieces and pins are added.  Have an idea, have some inspiration, have a grand old time creating a Pinterest board but realize that you are fabulous and one of a kind and would really look amazing if you enhanced your natural beauty.  Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors in photographs.  On your wedding day, we love to make you look like the best version of yourself and that can be as subtle or as dramatic and YOU want! 💞

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